VHS Group Introduction

Events and Honors

With rich international medical health resources and authoritative scientific and technological core, VHS Group has established its top rank in many industrial distributions. VHS Group is the only strategic partner of International Disease Management Association (IDMA), International Health Risk Management Association (IHRMA) in China, the Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA) China Branch Council Member, Forbes special contributor, the Member Unit of No. 40 Document “Research on the Development Strategy of China's Health Industry Chain” of the State Council, the editorial board unit of "China Health Insurance Development Report", the editorial board and audit unit of China Insurance Certification Education Examination Textbook, and the special contributor of China Insurance News.

  • 2008

    VHS Group became the first social security health risk management partner in China. The "Community Population Comprehensive Health Improvement Plan (CIPM)" project has achieved remarkable results in the risk control of many chronic diseases and attracted national attention.
  • 2010

    “VHS Mode” was quoted in China Health Insurance Development Report (Insurance Association of China and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) as the first health insurance risk control model in China.
  • 2011

    VHS Group was honored with VHS Group was honored with “Entrepreneurship 100 list issued by cyzone.cn”,“ Top 10 Influencing Chinese Management Practice New Companies”
  • 2013

    Mayo Clinic, the best hospital in the United States, strategically participated in the investment of VHS Group, and exclusively authorized the world's most complete core health medical technology such as "Common Disease Diagnostic Decision Trees" and "Healthy Lifestyle"
  • 2014-2016

    VHS Group continued to win "US Red Herring Top 100 Global Innovators” three times as the world’s innovative company, sharing the honor with top international innovative companies such as Alibaba, Tencent, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon.
  • 2014-2019

    VHS Group was invited to hold the position of Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA) Council Member continuously.
  • 2017

    VHS Group won “2017 China Top 10 Influential Human Resources Brand Awards”, “2017 China Compensation & Benefits Solution Provider Value Awards (Top 5 EAP Solution Providers)”; “The Best Insur-Tech Innovation Award”; Artificial Intelligence Pre-Diagnostic and Triage System “Mighty Doctor” was first launched in Alipay.
  • 2018

    Ms. Zhiyun Zhang, the CEO of VHS was honored with “Forbes 25 Potential Business Women in China”
  • 2018

    VHS Group won “the First Prize of Excellent Practice Cases” in the 2018 China EAP Industry Summit, as well as the 20th anniversary celebration of EAP in China; awarded “Future Medicine 100 Forum” released by Vcbeat.net、“The Best Insur-Tech Innovation Award” by China Insurance Industry International Summit; VAIHI won “Global Fintech Venture Competition Top 10”by TSINGHUA PBCSF; VAIHI became the key research project of the "Development Strategy of Artificial Intelligence Industry" of China National Democratic Construction Association.
  • 2019

    VHS Group won the "2019 Fintech Leading Brand of the Year" and CEO Zhiyun Zhang was honored as "2019 Leader of the Fintech Industry of the Year"; “2019 Top 30 Chinese Insurance Technology Innovation Enterprises”; “2019 China Top 5 EAP Solution Providers”,“2019 China Top 10 Influential Human Resources Brand Awards (Compensation & Benefits Category)”;continuously titled “High -Technology Enterprise”; passed ISO27001 Information Security Management System Certification, was rated 3A1 by D&B Certification; core technology assisted “Shanghai Health-Insurance Big Data Service Platform” released online.
  • 2020

    VHS Consulting has obtained "High-tech Enterprise" status by the government;won the MeetHR Top 10 "Influential Human Resources Brand of the Year"; won the HREC "Compensation & Benefits Solution Provider Value Awards"; VHS Insurtech VAIHI (AI Health Insurance Risk Control System) won the Synced AI Award "The Strongest Empowering AI Solution to Help the Industry Recover"; won "2020 Top 100 Chinese AI Company of Business Practice with Potential";won the 2020 "China’s New Enterprise Award of Big Health Industry"; ranked in the top 30 of "China’s Content Technology Entrepreneurship Competition of People's Daily Online"; ranked in the Top 10 of "Medical Insurance Big Data Innovation Service of Artery Network"; won the InsurStar "Top 25 New Prominent InsurTech Award of 2020"; launched "’The epidemic being fierce, check my stress coping ability’—self-stress assessment" jointly with People’s Daily; included in the ‘2020 China Insurance Technology Industry Report’; praised by the Workers’ Daily as a 7*24 hour online grocery store for relieving worries; full-page reported by the Labor Daily: "VHS Consulting Psychological Research Center ‘Financial Industry Psychological & Physical Health Data Report’"
  • 2021

    VHS Consulting was selected for the List of "Small and Medium-sized Science and Technology Enterprises" for 3 consecutive years; won the "Top 10 Influential Human Resources Brand" award in the category of compensation and benefits; won the 10th Financial Summit "2021 Best Business Model Leadership Award"; reported by the Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions’ "Shanghai Workers’ Movement"; released the "2021 Workplace Women’s Mental Health Data Insight after Spring Festival"; selected for the 2021 "Top 100 Human Resources Brand Service Providers list". VHS Insurtech VAIHI (AI Health Insurance Risk Control System): Ms. Zhiyun Zhang, the CEO of VHS was selected as one of the "Top 500 Chinese TopBrand Women"; selected for the list of "Top 100 High-Growth Companies in Shanghai’s Software and Information Technology Service Industry in 2021"; won the 2020 Shanghai ‘Specialized, Refined, Special, and New’ Small and Medium Enterprise; had become a member of the Artificial Intelligence Industry Innovation Alliance of the China Center for Information Industry Development (CCID); selected as a National Science and Technology-based Small and Medium-sized Enterprise; was honored with "China Future Healthcare Rankings Top 100 Digital Health Companies"; ranked in the "WAIC Top 100 for potential scale of commercial implementation among Chinese AI companies" (which was the only insurtech company to make the list for two consecutive years); won the 2021 "Outstanding Award for Insurtech Innovation"; won the 10th Finance Summit "2021 Best Business Model Leadership Award"; ranked in the Top 10 for "medical insurance cost control service providers" in China in 2021; selected as a typical enterprise case in the 2021 "China Internet Insurance Industry Research Report’; acclaimed as 2021 "Minhang District Science and Technology Small Giant Enterprise"; awarded AAA in enterprise credit rating; won 10th China Finance Summit - "2021 Most Innovative Enterprise Award".
  • 2022

    VHS Consulting won the MeetHR "Most Influential Human Resources Brand of the Year - Compensation and Benefits Category Award" and was honored to be included in the "Top 100 Human Resources Service Providers List" for 2022; selected as a "National Science and Technology-based Small and Medium-sized Enterprise"; won the HREC "Compensation & Benefits Solution Provider Value Awards"; won the 11th Financial Summit "2022 Influencial Industry Brand Award"; attended Minhang Science and Technology Festival with physical and mental health mini-classes, covering hundreds of millions of users; the physical and mental health mini-classes were launched on China Telecom’s Tianyi Cloud Disk. VHS Insurtech VAIHI (AI Health Insurance Risk Control System) won the InsurStar "Annual Excellent Medical and Health Innovation" award for the second time; ranked in the 2022 "Future Healthcare Top100"; won the Honorable Prize of 2022 "Insurance Technology Innovation Competition"; selected as a typical enterprise case in the 2022 "China Internet Insurance Industry Research Report"; selected as a typical enterprise case in the Shanghai Big Data Alliance's "Shanghai Big Data Industry Observation"; ranked in the CHS "Top 10 Innovative Enterprises in China’s Big Health Industry in 2022".
  • 2023

    VHS Consulting won the "NewFlag Awards HR Solution Awards"; selected for the 2022-2023 "HR Annual Purchasing Guide"; attended the 2023 "China EAP Industry Summit and the China Society of Social Psychology EOA Academic Annual Conference", and won the "China EAP Annual Service Case Award". VHS Insurtech VAIHI (AI Health Insurance Risk Control System) won InsurStar "Annual Excellent Medical and Health Innovation Award" for the third time; had passed the national "High-tech Enterprise" certification; ranked in the "China Future Healthcare Rankinas 2023-Top 100 Medical Service Companies"; won "China Future Healthcare Rankings 2023-Best-performing Companies" in Valuable Fields; won the HREC "Compensation and Benefits Supplier Value Award".
  • 2024

    Shanghai Human Resources Service Provider Top 100 List; GoodLife Consulting X 51job jointly hosted a seminar on human resources public opinion management; Excellent cases of insurance + artificial intelligence practice; Certification of Shanghai "Specialized, Refined, Special and New" Small and Medium-sized Enterprises; BaoGuan · InsurStar List, [Artificial Intelligence Insurance Technology Innovation Risk Control Platform] won the annual outstanding health insurance technology award; GoodLife Technology was invited to attend the 8th China Health Industry Upgrade Summit · Health Insurance Innovation Road Forum, and delivered a keynote speech; 2024 Swiss Reinsurance & Molecular Laboratory - China Insurance Technology Innovation Competition Gold Award; Shanghai Specialized, Refined, Special and New Enterprises